[Samba] Weird problems with printing

dballester dbm0572 at yahoo.es
Thu Nov 10 10:45:38 GMT 2005

El mié, 09-11-2005 a las 15:31 -0500, Michael Keightley escribió:
> Just swapped our Solaris SAMBA PDC for a SuSE Linux machine.  It's the domain
> controller as well as print server (via CUPS).  It's running SuSE 9.3 with
> Samba-3.0.20b.
> The setup is identical to the old Solaris machine, had to re-add all machines
> to the domain.  Has been working OK for 2 days then suddenly some people

argh... I think that you could migrate/upgrade samba from system and
version without needing to re-add all machines to the domain. I made
some similiar movement from samba 2.2.8a on Redhat 8 to 3.0.14a on
Debian Sarge after some troubles some days ago. I'm actually documenting
the movement before post anything here :(

> When I try to add a printer now as a non-admin user I now get this error:
> "You do not have sufficient access to your computer to connect the selected printer"
> When I add as a (domain) admin it asks for a print driver.  Previously printers
> were being added with no problem. 
> Anyone got any ideas?   Am a bit desperate.
> Below is my smb.conf file:
> [global]
>   workgroup = BOSTON
>   server string = %h

In theory, you can aggregate a domain user in the local machine users
accounts to give access to some administrative rights ( for example,
install printers ).

May be the local machine is not recognizing the user as a trusted users
from the domain ? ( This launches another question: Are the machines
really log in the domain? . netlogon script is being created well? Try
to delete netlogon.bat in one user and try to begin session on the
windows machine again. If netlogon.bat is created again, the domain log
on process is OK, if not then your problem could be a bad domain client


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