[Samba] Changing AD Domain Account Password from Samba.

Henrik Zagerholm henke at mac.se
Thu Nov 10 08:02:14 GMT 2005

Execute the shell scripts from PHP =).
Or run PHP as a shell script ;)
10 nov 2005 kl. 08.29 skrev Chris Ont:

> Hi Guys,
> 	I have a weird scenerio here.
> 	The current network setup is having a AD Server on Win2K3 and a  
> Linux box with tomcat+ apache+ php+ ldap.
> 	I need to write some kind of scripts or in fact, a PHP program to  
> change any AD Domain Account from the web application, instead of  
> loggin in from a workstation as Domain Member.
> 	There are articles that tell the story but all required shell  
> interaction. My requirement here is to do it via web interface. Any  
> suggestion, folks ?
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