[Samba] Samba with AD auth

Edward Brookhouse ebroo at healthydirections.com
Wed Nov 9 19:53:21 GMT 2005

I'll apologize in advance cause this is lite on details - but I wanted
to share with the list an issue I ran into and how we fixed it - 

Two days ago my previously working well Samba server which authenticated
it's users via a 2003 AD server stopped authenticating any connection
attempted as //servername/share .

If the user connected as //ip address/share everything worked great -

After many google searches and trolling over the Samba lists - I found a
couple of posts that mention this type of problem, but with no solution.

As a desperate measure I just installed the current CVS tree compiled
and installed - used the same config files - restarted samba and
everything is back to working well.

Specs: Fedora Core 4 - Samba (was 3.0.14a-1 - I think) 3.0.14a-2 

Hope this helps someone -


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