[Samba] mozilla and roming profiles... THE SOLUTION

Louis van Belle louis at van-belle.nl
Wed Nov 9 11:11:13 GMT 2005

This solution is not mine, but its tested and works.
Great thanks to my buddy @ four elements

Hope its usefull for somebody over here.

%userprofile%\Application data\Mozilla\Profiles\%profile%\%salted%\...
%userprofile% = C:\Documents and settings\%username%
%profile% = "default"
%salted% = "12345678.slt" (8 cijfers/letters)
- Cache
- Mail
- ImapMail
- prefs.js
- abook.mab
- bookmarks.html
Methode for making standard salted path
rename"12345678.slt" to "unsalted.slt"
Start mozilla
Remove profiel "default"
New profiel "default"
Regiosettings "NL"
This wil be linked to the slt-folder, but ONLY if exact 8 karakters.
But cache still pointing to the old location ( salted ) 
Methode or making standard config
Configuration is in prefs.js
This can be overrulled by optional file user.js
You can put the unsalted.slt in a loginscript for example
* user_pref("browser.cache.disk.parent_directory", "t:\\temp"); (watch the
dubble backslashes)
the path is not allowed to contain eviroment variable ( %username% ) 
Cache from roaming profile (policy)

Method to let the cache in the profile dire 
Solution cach not on server, but same for all users.
Path is relative to %userprofile% and may not contain wildcards
- cache-path must be adjusted bij script, because there is still a
salted-path pointer
- while this path is absolut, this is still for every user different. ( own
%userprofile% )
- better to use the Temp drive.
Cache from roaming profile, use of X:
Method to set cache to T: ( Temp) see above
Putting mozilla data to X: ( Home Drive )
First move "default" to X:\.Mozilla
thruough mozilla profile manager, creat new profile en use the existing
profile on X:
Also move cache to T:\temp ( see above ) 
- bigger load on server and network
- all imap-mail is done "local" in cache stored, so now its on X:
- when server is down, your not able to retreave old mail, and your not able
to make a new mail
Full appdata to X: (policy)
moving %userprofile%\Application data to X:\.profile\Application data
- all user settings are on X:, so logon goes faster.
- when creating backup you have ALL user data.

- same as above
- other apps also doen't work which uses %application data%. 
Mozilla config
Prefs.js look/adjust through http://about:config
shows the vallues of the user.js
Changes only in prefs.js
So the user kan only change prefs.js 
and User.js can be used as a policy
* user_pref("browser.startup.homepage", "http://server/home.html
<http://server/home.htmle> ");

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