[Samba] What's a preferred linux distribution for my needs...

Christian Tylko ctylko at cafa.ca
Tue Nov 8 15:22:13 GMT 2005

I've gone through samba.org and have tried to go through the samba archives
(but there are too many posts and too little time) to get an answer.


I would like to set up samba for simple file sharing (non-domain) using an
un-attended PC; i.e. I want the PC to be able to turn on or recover from a
power failure and load and run samba without any manual intervention


Could someone please suggest an appropriate, simple and compact linux
distribution I could use? I think that once I have that running properly
samba should be relatively simple for the config I need.


A number of years ago I had a linux box running as a NAT router.the whole
thing ran off a floppy disk. Obviously this box would have one or more large
HD's so it can boot off one of the HD's.it's the simplicity I'm looking for.


Any chance there's a pre-packaged linux distribution with samba ready to


Many thanks for any help.


Chris T


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