[Samba] Trust Accounts and Machine Name Case

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Tue Nov 8 14:20:58 GMT 2005

On Tue, 2005-11-08 at 06:53 -0700, SRS0+gsMU+45
+tecsol.org=tconway at mail15.alevelhigher.com wrote:
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> Thanks Craig, I appreciate your input. I'm not trying to login as a
> machine account and I understand what they're for.  I haven't used the
> on the fly add scripts. They used to be very unreliable. Most Samba
> howtos have you add users and machines using smbpasswd (I've tried both
> pdbeidt and smbpasswd). I will look at the howto you've suggested.
> I can only assume that the on-the-fly scripts pass the same parameters to
> smbpasswd and are there to make the admins lifer easier.=20
> My bottom line is why would a machine that worked fine yesterday, stop
> working today. Then simply fiddling with the machine accounts, make it
> work again?
hmmm...alevelhigher.com - you must be somewhere in Phoenix  ;-)

let's keep this on list if you don't mind...there are a lot of brighter
minds than mine and off list cheats you from their benefit and makes it
so no one else can benefit from your ultimate resolution.

There were too few details for anyone to really 'know' what the issue
is. Generally, the things that come to mind when it works for a while
then doesn't work are things like cache's which get cleared or services
that get restarted over night. 

My first thought is that system is having trouble locating PDC (is WINS
functional on server and browseable from workstation?) Do you have other
Windows systems that are locating PDC? 

My second thought are things like nscd (name server caching daemon), are
you using it? Is it working, is it causing issues?

My third thought is verifying accounts and access directly on samba
server from command line...

getent passwd |grep NAME_OF_USER


You can always set loglevel higher (level 10 will debug a whole lot of
stuff but should always tell you what is breaking).


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