[Samba] Linux Primary Domain Controller Authentication

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Mon Nov 7 12:58:18 GMT 2005

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Cynthia Jeness escreveu:
> I have setup my Linux server as a Primary Domain Controller using Samba
> 3.   All other computers on the network run various versions of Windows
> from 95 to XP.   All computers are able to join my Samba domain and the
> user computers can log onto the network.   However, if they try to
> access a file resource on one of the Windows 2003 file servers, the
> authentication fails with System Error 1789.   

	With "they" you mean "all computers"? Or some particular version?
AFAICT, Win95 does not have crypto passwords, which means that it is not
going to work properly.

> The Windows 2003 file
> server did successfully join my domain.    I am not running Winbindd
> primarily because it was not part of the Samba packaging provided by
> Suse.   Is it necessary to run Winbindd in order to have the Windows
> 2003 servers validate?

	Looks like more a permission problem than a 2003 validation
problem. The idea behind winbindd is share the user list between
servers and, from your description, does not sounds like you need it,
althoght there is not enough information to be sure. :-)

	Did you map users? Which version of Samba are you running? In
which MS Windows versions the problem occurs?

> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

	Hope it helps, kind regards.

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