[Samba] Windows refusing samba server

markus klimke at tu-harburg.de
Mon Nov 7 09:46:41 GMT 2005

Hi George, my machines are coming back since I've rebooted the machine. 
Some others don't. Because there is an unspecified interval of time 
between dying and reviving machines, I am sure it's a kerberos issue. 
But I don't have any idea where this error is located. I hope the 
machines are all coming back to productivity and stay at this point.

My samba is running as a domain member server using nss_ldap (openldap, 
cyrus_sasl) on a gentoo box. If someone notice the same problems: please 
post, I am not sure that the status quo will hold.

George schrieb:
> I still have the same problem you have even after having done these things.
> Try them anyway:
> 	Stop the webclient service on the windows machines
> 	There is a registry key change in the doco directory, try that
> 	Check firewalls on the windows machines
> Good luck with it. This is stopping me from upgrading our classrooms to XP,
> looks like we will dump samba and Linux and install 2000 server for the
> student files. Pity, the samba macros made life very easy with 98.
> Mount Isa - Rodeo Capital of Australia
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> Hi, I have some issues with some windows machines (xp pro, 2003). It
> sounds very weird, but some of my machines are loosing the connection to
> my samba server. You can't see any machine browsing the network, it asks
> for a password getting access to a samba share, which leads to a refused
> connection. After this it asks never again for any password, just
> refusing me. I can ping the samba server, but the client doesn't show
> any shares, just talking about it could'nt find the specified host on
> the network. The strange thing is, that everything worked very fine for 
> months, since I encountered the first machine with these symptoms. A day 
> later the next one. Than the servers, maybe earlier having these 
> problems. And today another one.
> I don't think that anyone encountered such strange and weird behaviour
> on any windows machine. But every hint is very welcome.
> Thanks
>    Markus

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