[Samba] Samba clients and ADS

Roland Carlsson roland at alfa-moving.se
Mon Nov 7 08:27:32 GMT 2005


Refering to an older thread named "Unknown auth type 

I wonder if there are more people than I that have a great deal of 
problem with ADS (win2003 sp1 with all patches) and Samba clients.

Things like our scanner (running samba), MacOsX computers etc etc can't 
access the domain anymore. So I guess that there is a "non-samba" reason 
that our Samba-server don't work. The only thing I can see that  we have 
done to cause this problem is that we ran windowsupdate. I have read 
about the  updates but are not qualified to understand if anything is 
related to this problem.

The clients that doesn't  work is:
Toshiba e-studio 3511
Mac Os X 10.4.3

I also have problem with a Samba server trying to use authenticate users 
through the ADS and think that the problem could be related.

All devices that try to authenticate has not joined the domain.

I apreciate all ideas of what can cause this problem.

Thanks in advance
Roland Carlsson

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