[Samba] MS Access macro's running very slowly

Gerald Drouillard gerrylist at drouillard.ca
Fri Nov 4 19:06:58 GMT 2005

Gibbs, Simon wrote:
> Hi,
> I¹ve recently migrated to a Samba3 server and everything seems to be running
> well apart from a problem with some users that run macros in MS Access.
> I¹m told that a process which used to take 15min on the old W2K server took
> over an hour on the new samba box.
> After having a scan through the archives I think the problem may be related
> to oplocks/locking but I¹m pretty sure I¹ve got these setup OK.
> Checking usage through top and vmstat shows that the server isn¹t overloaded
> so I guess there may be a problem in my config somewhere.
> If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
> Thanks
Have a look at:

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