[Samba] unexpected reloc type 0x42

samba at schafers-r.us samba at schafers-r.us
Thu Nov 3 03:00:06 GMT 2005

I get the following when trying to start samba:

 Starting Samba daemons: nmbd/usr/sbin/nmbd: error while loading shared
libraries: unexpected reloc type 0x42

This machine is a base install of Debian (I've tried both Sarge and Etch) on an
HP PA B180.  Samba version 3.0.14 works fine, but when I install 3.0.20b I get
the above message when starting samba.

I've done google searches and searched the news groups but haven't seen anything
similar.  I would expect the above error to return information about the shared
library it was missing, but it doesn't.

Any ideas?

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