[Samba] can't log in to XP machines on the other side of an interdomain trust

Robert Wickberg rwickberg at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 01:54:19 GMT 2005

I have two domains, and want to set up workstations so users can log into
either domain. I'm using samba 3.0.20b-2 on two debian servers, each of
which is a controller for it's own domain. I've set up the interdomain trust

I join the Windows XP workstations to one domain (the add machine script
works fine, I don't have to precreate the accounts for the computers when I
join them to the domains), users from that domain can log in, the domains
dropdown list on the login screen shows
both domains, but users from the other domain cannot log in unless I first
manually create a unix user on the domain controller for that
domain. The smb.conf file does have an add user script entry, and in fact,
SMBD will use it under one odd circumstance. I accidentally set the login
script for domain B to map a drive to a share on domain A's server, and when
the script attempted to make that map when I logged in a domain B user to a
Windows 98 workstation, a unix account was automatically created for that
user on the server for domain A. The servers won't autocreate accounts when
trying to log into a domain B XP workstation with a domain A account,

I searched the internet in vain for an answer to this problem on the 'net,
though other folks have posted the same problem, so if you know the answer
to this one, you'll probably be helping more than just me by posting it,
when the answer hits the archives. .

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