[Samba] smbd processes never go away

Fenn_Rider at IDX.COM Fenn_Rider at IDX.COM
Wed Nov 2 21:18:42 GMT 2005

I am having a problem with Samba 3.0.20b runninn on Fedora core 4,  with a 
 2.6.11-1.1369_FC4smp kernel. Each time I open a connection a new smbd 
process is forked. That is fine, but then that process never goes away, 
even after the client has disconnected. Even though there are only a few 
clients who make an smb connection to the server in question, dozens and 
dozens of smbd processes are getting started and not going away.  When the 
new smbd process appears, at first it show us up as being run by the 
client, but when the client disconnects, that same smbd processes appears 
under root's name. 

Anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks in advance,


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