[Samba] Re: Unicode, ASCII, and Samba3 ...

Tom Schaefer tom at umsl.edu
Wed Nov 2 13:43:27 GMT 2005

I work at a university and when I upgraded from 2 to 3 only 1 user ever
complained, a professor in the foreign languages department.  I started
to go down the road of conversion utilities and fiddling with code pages
and character sets.  Then a potential easy solution occurred to me.  We
have several Samba servers and the Unix boxes have a lot of disk in
common; I still had Samba 2 on some systems. On the UNIX side I moved
her files to where they where once again being shared by a Samba 2
server.  As would be expected, from the client side, MS Windows, all the
file names where instantly intact again.  I copied all her files down
from the Samba 2 server to local disk of a MS Windows box. From the MS
Windows box I then copied the files up to the Samba 3 server.  Ta da. Now
they where on the Samba 3 server with file names intact.

Of course doing something like that may not be feasible in your case.
Good luck.

Tom Schaefer

On Wed, 26 Oct 2005 16:57:56 +0200
"Julien Ailhaud" <ailhaud.julien at agora.msa.fr> wrote:

> Problem summary :
> Files created with samba2 are now unreadable with samba3. I tested all
> possible settings in samba, rebuild it with libiconv, already posted here
> without reply ... without success.
> Today I analyzed the traffic between my station and the server, and I found an
> interresting thing :
> With both version, filenames are transmited in ascii
>     code  130 gives "é"
>     code  135 gives "ç"
>     code  151 gives "ù"
> But ...
> In packets exchanged  by my Samba2 server and the stastion, the flag "unicode
> strings" is set to Zero ( --> ASCII )
> In packets exchanged  by my Samba3 server and the stastion, the flag "unicode
> strings" is set to One ( --> UNICODE )
> I think that the problem is here, but I can't find how to change it, forcing
> my Samba to use ASCII there.
> Any  Idea ??
> Thanks.
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