[Samba] how to use ntlm_auth

Juan Mauel Lopez Villalobos mlopez at uabc.mx
Wed Nov 2 04:58:02 GMT 2005


I want to know how to use ntlm_auth with ntlm-server-1 and freeradius,
with the users login and password information in ldap.

I have read documentation of ntlm_auth (only found the man page), docs
and howtos about pptp and squid, i don't found about freeradius, and i'm
experimenting with the options of ntlm_auth.

I have configured freeradius+ldap+802.1X for a wireless lan, but  i
can't get it to work because of mschap, and i dont have windows domain.

The ntlm_auth man page said:
"Server-side helper protocol, intended for use by a RADIUS server or the
'winbind' plugin for pppd, for the provision of MSCHAP and MSCHAPv2

Who i can use it with (free)radius only??

The radius.conf said in the mschap module definition:
"#The module can perform authentication itself, OR
 # use a Windows Domain Controller.
How can the module permorm authentication itself???

can someone helpme??

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