[Samba] MultiHomed public/private Problem

M. D. Parker mike.parker at ga.com
Tue May 31 22:21:01 GMT 2005

I have a system that is multi-homed on one "private" network and one
"public" network.

My configuration file has the following commands:

bind interfaces only = yes
interfaces = eth0 eth1 lo		;; eth0=private - eth1=public
Our network has a single WINS server and records for the host BOTH the
private and public addresses.  For several hundred computers in our network
this seems to cause no problem, however has affected one computer which gets
the private (i.e. 192.168) address instead of the public address.  Changing
the interfaces order does NOT help.
Mapping via DNS works ok (i.e. \\fqd.sss.com\share).

Samba needs to work on the private interface as well as the public
interface.  One person in our tech group basically feels that the existence
of the private information on the WINS server is the real problem and is
basically demanding that the private IP address be removed (or not
communicated) to the WINS server. 

Any ideas if it is possible to inhibit the broadcast of the private IP
address but still have samba functional on the private network?  

Is this a bug in the samba code somehow for the one computer that is not
working the same as the others?



M. D. Parker
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