[Samba] Obtaining log level 10 for just specified user(s) (MS Word & Excel File Locking issue - still)

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Tue May 31 15:37:45 GMT 2005

On Mon, May 30, 2005 at 09:40:40AM -0400, Nathan Vidican wrote:
> Is it possible to make samba produce a log at level 10 for only a specified
> user(s), I am trying (still) to figure out why Samba processes climb to 100%
> CPU and the user loses connection with MS Word & Excel files being locked.
> Have been dealing with this issue for quite some time now, but had to put it
> on the back burner for a while because we had little time to deal with it.
> Apprently only an issue with a few users still, yet unable to isolate
> anything different from them to the user next to them, aside from filenames,
> which are apparently random or not the cause anyhow.
> Gave up on trying to fix it a while back, but having more and more problems
> daily, with 2-3 processes every hour or so climbing to 100% cpu utilization
> and the user being locked out; a simple kill -9 to the process id in
> question, and a new one spawns and the end users good to go... Annoying, but
> at least a work-around we've been able to get by with. I'd like to get some
> debugging logs, but as these servers are being used in production, I need to
> force log level 10 only for specified users (aka ones having the problem).
> Is it possible to do this? Log files hit like 5 megs in a matter of a minute
> or two; can't accept that for every user on the system - and it's a huge hit
> on I/O we don't need to take either :(
> Any suggestions?

Actually you've given me an idea. It should be possible to add a "only these users"
list to the lowest levels of the lib/debug.c code so that only when the effective id
of the process matches these users will a message get printed. I'm thinking smbcontrol
may be used to add/unset this list. It wouldn't mean a change in the upper level 
code and you'd just set this list then set the debug level to 10 generically.

Let me work on this some - I may have a patch that applies cleanly to 3.0.14a and


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