[Samba] Remote Desktop Users as ADM-template?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Mon May 30 19:29:14 GMT 2005

Florian Effenberger schrieb:
> Hi Thomasz,
>> I will know today later or tomorrow perhaps, as I will roll out a new 
>> Samba domain with XP clients.
> that would be great! Maybe we can compare our settings then. I read via 
> Google Groups that XP non-admin users normally *cannot* logon via RDP. 
> You have to add them to the list I mentioned, possibly adding them into 
> the (local!) Remote Users Groups would be working, too. However, no clue 
> on how to achieve that with a policy.
> Maybe you made some settings in the templates that make RDP possible for 
> non-admins, maybe it's a setting in the AD.

hmm, I'm beginning to doubt if we're talking about the same :)

I'm talking about using mstsc.exe (MS Terminal Server Client) to log in 
remotely to another machine (for example, you're a user on XP and you 
log in remotely to a machine running Terminal Server - that is, *from* 
XP I just installed to win 2003).

What you're talking about is the other way round: you want to log in *to 
* XP you just installed, which is running as a Terminal Server?

Am I right?

>>> Would you mind checking the contents of
>>> Start\Settings\Control Panel\System\Remote\Remote Users
>>> for me? Whats listed in there?
>> so the first one was checked, the one below not.
> What do you mean by first and last one?

I meant the checkboxes.

Either way, you will probably get better answers on a windows-specific 
mailing list; Samba doesn't have much to do with Terminal Sessions I think.


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