[Samba] Remote Desktop Users as ADM-template?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Mon May 30 11:10:50 GMT 2005

Florian Effenberger schrieb:
> Hi Thomasz,
>> actually, it's an AD-client :)
> hm, maybe that makes the difference, although I doubt. :)

I will know today later or tomorrow perhaps, as I will roll out a new 
Samba domain with XP clients.

> Would you mind checking the contents of
> Start\Settings\Control Panel\System\Remote\Remote Users
> for me? Whats listed in there?

so the first one was checked, the one below not.

I tried it in different configurations, and I could always use a 
Terminal Server Client (as a domain admin, as a domain user and as a 
workstation user).


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