[Samba] Horrendously slow transfer speeds in FC3 is drivingmecrazy!!! Please help... - SOLVED!

Diego Julian Remolina dijuremo at math.gatech.edu
Sun May 29 02:23:42 GMT 2005

I had some problems with the stock samba in RHEL4 which is pretty much based
on Fedora Core 3.  I have 2 servers doing samba on a high availability
configuration with heartbeat and drbd.  NFS transfers are really fast (both
servers are connected with gigabit cards to the lan).  Samba transfers were
around half of NFS. What made things even worst is the fact that I had
remapped the "My Documents" folder to the smb mounted home directory H:\My
Documents.  Then very randomly, some times I would double click on the My
Documents folder on the desktop, it would take 10 to 15 seconds just to open
it.  I tried several things, changed WINS server configurations, disabled
Web Folder service, and pretty much tried everything suggested on the samba3
documentation but none of that fixed my problem.

My last test was to get the latest samba srpm, recompile it, take off all
the stock RHEL packages and installed samba 3.0.14a.  After that, I always
get instant satisfaction when I double click on the mapped My Documents

If you are using stock samba rpms from FC3, maybe you want to also try
recompiling the srpm from samba.org to see if that help speed things up.


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> Hello,
> I finally got round to running the tests with other NICs, and I think I've
> solved the problem!
> With a 3c905B I get:
> SMB - 7.2 MB/s (45% CPU usage)
> FTP - 9.9 MB/s
> And with a DEC 21140 based card I get:
> SMB - 5.8 MB/s (36% CPU usage)
> FTP - 7.5 MB/s
> When compared to what I was getting (1.6 MB/s) with the NIC that comes
> with
> the server (TLAN - NetIntelligent 10/100) it's a HUGE difference!!!
> Now I think that it's just a question of tweaking the smb.conf file to get
> the SMB rate closer to the FTP rate!
> So it turns out that there is nothing wrong with FC3 or Samba 3, it was
> just
> my old hardware! It's amazing what a DMA capable NIC can do for the
> overall
> system performance.
> Peter.
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