[Samba] Heartbeat + DRBD cluster : What are the config files to set in the shared volume ?

David Black dave at jamsoft.com
Thu May 26 17:06:03 GMT 2005

The list of directories you gave is the same as mine, on a
heartbeat+DRBD pair that has been in production for about a year.

I set symlinks from the original locations into the DRBD filesystem,
and  also keep a little tar file around to restore those symlinks when
updating Samba RPMs on the inactive machine.


initiators at free.fr wrote:

>I'm testing a HA cluster using Heartbeat and DRBD.
>I've moved /etc/samba /var/log/samba /var/run/samba and /var/cache/samba to the
>shared DRBD volume.
>My problem is that I don't know if these are the only files I should move in the
>shared volume, I can't find a doc listing all the files used by Samba.
>Are there other files I should move to the shared volume so that the second node
>comes up with exactly the same config as the first one (config, logs, browse
>list...) ?

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