[Samba] msdfs (Was: smb an NFS dir?)

Simon Hobson shobson-lists at colony.com
Wed May 25 15:58:58 GMT 2005

Tobias Bluhm wrote:
>Using your example, if all the proper configuration has been done and G:
>is mapped to \\server1\main_share, G:\branch_office will appear as a
>directory to clients, be totally accessable and "contain" everything in

Sorry, another question ...

I think the docs seem to infer the answer is yes, but can you confirm 
that it's 'safe' to add msdfs support to an existing server and 
create a test share - without breaking existing shares ?

I'm still on 2.2.8a if it makes any difference - for the moment I'm 
stuck with an 'integrated' (SLOX 4.1) system where it would create 
too many 'support issues' to try and upgrade.


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