[Samba] samba4 openldap

Geoff Scott geoffs at guestshire.com
Tue May 24 05:45:52 GMT 2005

Geoff Scott wrote:
> Sorry for the cross posting but I think it's important that the
> Openexchange guys see this. 
> Tony Earnshaw wrote:
>> man, 23.05.2005 kl. 17.50 skrev Caleb O'Connell:

I just had the opportunity to give John Terpstra a hit a round the head with
the "what the hell is going to happen" stick.  He responded by slapping me
with a "clue-by-four".  I've been doing a little bit to help out on the
Samba documentation.  And I hit the panic button because I didn't want all
the effort that I put into building a Samba domain controller, and looking
for obvious mistakes in the docs to be wasted.  And it won't be.  Basically,
Tony, you should be given a slap around the head with a "clue-by-four" as

Here's a small history lesson.

If you take into account (as I already knew) that the reason there was a
fork in the Samba code a few years ago. Was that one of the team members
wanted to do more experimental, and risky from a business users perspective,
things with the Samba code.  Tridge didn't want this.  From what I have read
it would appear that the Samba team members take very seriously their duty
of care toward the installed Samba user base.  They won't do anything to
damage the installations that are already there.  

Samba 3 took years to release.  And during all that time samba 2 was
actively maintianed to support the users.

Samba 4 as you can see in the docs that are available, is very limited in
features.  There is no security yet, no management tools yet and no printing
support yet.  Contemplating whether it can do what you want when the early
alpha release is ages away is just silly.  

I think this thread should be left to die. 

Regards Geoff Scott

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