[Samba] DNS Problem under Windows XP Clients

Jonathan J. Vargas R. jonathan.j.vargas at gmail.com
Mon May 23 18:49:17 GMT 2005


i was trying to set up a samba PDC for my small network with WindowsXP
and Linux clients, and when i think everything is ready, XP clients
complained about a missing DNS SRV record for something like
_ldap_tcp.xxx.xxx, so i added that DNS record to my DNS.. and another
error appeared: the query was successful and a SRV record was found,
and it points to the Samba PDC, but it also says there was an error
and that two things might be happening:

1. the address of the specified SRV is not anywhere, which is false, it exists.
2. the network is down or it can't contact a service at that address.

and i though it was the second case, because although the network was
up and one could contact the service host, the NMDB reports that the
domain name was truncated. here are some details of my domain and DNS

domain: lan.computacion.itcr.ac.cr
(it is specified under in the workgrop directive)

that domain exists in the DNS and queries to it works fine.
there is a SRV _ldap.tc_xxmscs (something like that) record added to
the DNS pointing to the name of the samba pdc hostname, also added in

when running nmbd, it says that "lan.computacion.itcr.ac.cr" domain
was truncated to "lan.computacion" because it was too long.

is it possible that the truncated domain might be causing the error
displayed by Windows XP clients?

what else could be causing this problem and what ways are to solve it ?


Jonathan J. Vargas Rodriguez
jonathan.j.vargas at gmail.com
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