[Samba] run a script with "administrator" credentials?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Sat May 21 10:00:41 GMT 2005

Tony Earnshaw schrieb:
> fre, 20.05.2005 kl. 19.05 skrev Tomasz Chmielewski:
> >>
>>Is it possible to run a custom script for a given machine when it boots 
>>up (that is already joined to the domain), with administrator 
>>credentials (for example, to install software)?
> I don't know about running scripts as a *machine* at logon/boot time,
> but I've discovered that Windows 2000 and later have an executable
> called runas, which can run .msi installation programs (using msiexec)
> with elevated privileges at *user* logon.
> I don't have any details to hand right now, but google for msiexec and
> runas and look in the Microsoft knowledge base.
>>For now it seems to me that it's only possible to run a "machine script 
>>- %m" or a "user script - %u" with the credentials of a user.
> No, you can run at elevated privileges. But for me it ain't worth the
> extra hassle with my machine and user park (respectively 80 and 1150+ at
> a single site).

So how do you distribute software then? Are you really paid to go and 
click many times to install software on each of these machines? :)


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