[Samba] wbinfo -u: Error looking up domain users

Tom Wolfe tom at morleyschool.net
Sat May 21 04:54:07 GMT 2005

Hello Sean:

I had the same your same problems during my initial setup last week
(including the difficulty finding any other posts on the subject). I'm an
extreme neophyte in the matter but from my highly limited experience I'd
suggest that something is up with your winbind/Kerberos configs/setup,
perhaps your /etc/krb4.conf...?

Check out the following simple how-to. It's aimed at FreeBSD but I imagine
it would serve as a guideline for other systems as well; it's a no-frills
samba AD setup with a few tips like how what additional samba modules ought
to be installed. After doing it "this way" I was able to get wbinfo -u to
work, and everything else has fallen into place since slowly but surely

http://web.irtnog.org/Members/xenophon/freebsd/winbind  simple step-by-step
how-to for setting up samba with ACLs on FreeBSD 5.3...

A few weirdnesses about this how-to involve his use of ed as a text editor
(basically in his examples he's using ed to either add a bit of text at the
bottom of a config file or do a search/replace). If you aren't using FreeBSD
you might have different paths; and FreeBSD uses the Heimal Kerberos. 

Good luck; maybe someone with more expertise could guide you better. For me
it's been a hair-tearing but pretty rewarding experience. The coolest things
so far have been seeing windows acls on a FreeBSD system, and being able to
log on to FreeBSD as a windows user... 

Tom Wolfe

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Hi all,

Sorry if this has been asked, but I haven't had any luck with my 
searches, so I would assume it hasn't. 

I have joined my samba box to my AD domain ( win2k server ).  I can do 
individual user lookups with wbinfo -a user%pass successfully.  But I 
can't retrieve a domain user list with `wbinfo -u`.  `wbinfo -g` works, 
sorta, but it only returns the BUILTIN accounts ( System Operator, 
Replicators, Guests, Power users, Print Operators, Administrators, 
Account Operators, Backup Operators, and User ).  I do not get any 
domain groups.

I can log into the C$ share on the domain controller, so I know I'm 
joined to the domain. 

I am at a loss at how to troubleshoot this, so if anybody has any 
suggestions, I'd greatly apprecaite them

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