[Samba] LDAP master-slave and BDC ?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at mch.one.pl
Fri May 20 17:10:46 GMT 2005

> What do you mean by fail-over? A BDC can handle network logon requests, but
> it 
> can never replace a PDC. In other words, the PDC is still the weakest link. 
> If a PDC is off the air for a prolonged outage the network will eventually 
> fail.

So is it OK if I set up all my Samba servers as PDCs?

Then if one PDC fails, another PDC will handel all "writes" etc.

I did some quick tests, and it *seemed* to work.

I assume that it is *not* OK to have multiple PDC servers though, 
because I've read so in Samba documentation - but it wasn't very clear 
for me why there should be one and *only one* PDC.


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