[Samba] Help for the Net Services Mail Server

GMS Comm mailserv at netservs.com
Fri May 20 03:10:29 GMT 2005

This is an automatic response triggered when mailserv at netservs.com
can't understand a message you sent to it. It's also sent out in
response to a "help" command.

The Net Services Mail Server sends out files by e-mail. 

Files currently available are:

mrcooli.exe     "Mr.Cool", a W95/NT program for downloading
                files from slow sites.  (Windows 95/98/NT)
                See http://www.netservs.com/mrcool/
coolinfo.txt    Information about Mr. Cool
update.txt      Update file for Mr. Cool
stats.txt       FTPMail/Agora Statistics. Daily updated list

secrets.hlp     Secrets of Solving Computer Software Problems (Windows)
mlsc5.exe       Mollusc 5 (Email privacy/security with PGP) (W95/98/NT)
pgpkeyv2.asc    Our PGP (V2.6) Public Key
pgpkeyv5.asc    Our PGP (V5) Public Key

sci.exe         Spamicide anti-junk mail program (Windows 95/98/NT)
spamh.exe       Spam Hater junk mail tracing and retaliation program  (Windows)

t2h101.exe      Free Text to HTML program (Windows)
emotsprt.exe    Database of emotional support resources (Windows)
glossi.exe      Glossary program explains jargon (Windows 95/98/NT)
starrprt.exe    Starr report in easy browse format - requires web browser.

To get the file you want, send mail to mailserv at netservs.com
and in the body, put:

get file name_of_file

You will get two messages - the transaction report and a message
containing the MIME encoded file (or the file if it is a text


       From: Ann Example <ann at example.com>
         To: mailserv at netservs.com
    Subject: <not needed>

    get file mrcooli.exe

Troubleshooting Tips:

* Some e-mail programs add lots of garbage such as HTML or MIME
  to your message. This confuses the mailserver. 

  and clear "By default, send HTML messages"

* You must put the command in the body of the message, not the

Where to report problems

Should you still have any problems or questions, please email
steve at netservs.com who will be happy to help.

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