[Samba] Winbind/ads/pam auth

Ross McInnes ross at stvincent.ac.uk
Fri May 20 13:23:34 GMT 2005

Hi list

Got an odd "problem" here.

But, ive followed the howtos etc getting pam authentication to work etc

Ive just setup imap, the domain username is "test"

When I run getent passwd im returned with 

DEV-DOMAIN+test:x:10012:10023:test test:/home/DEV-DOMAIN/test:/bin/false

When I logon onto the windows 2k3 AD as test, it all logs on, sees the Home
drive on the samba server (authenticates etc) but when I setup imap it wont
let me logon.

dev1 imapd[11078]: Login failed user=test auth=test host=[]
dev1 imapd[11079]: Login failed user=test auth=test host=[]
dev1 imapd[11083]: Login failed user=test auth=test host=[]

But when I change the user name on the mail client to what getent password
sees (i.e DEV-DOMAIN+test)

dev1 pam_winbind[11077]: user 'DEV-DOMAIN+test' granted access
dev1 imapd[11077]: Login user=DEV-DOMAIN+test host=[]

It works!

Why wont it accept just "test" since I cannot expect my users to put in

Any thoughts/ideas/magical faq page ive over looked??



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