[Samba] Two questions on winbind and nsswitch.conf

John H Terpstra jht at Samba.Org
Wed May 18 19:02:13 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 18 May 2005 12:45, Etienne Goyer wrote:
> Greetings folks,
> I am using winbind in /etc/nsswitch.conf for the passwd database
> ("passwd file winbind").  I have two little problems :
> 1. winbind return what look like machine trust account, ie
> WORKSTATION1$, when running "wbinfo -u".  These account also show when I
> do "getent passwd".  Is it possible to make winbind not return these ?


> 2. The domain to which I connect have username in both upper- and
> lowercase, ie user1 and USER2.  Is there a way to make winbind lowercase
> all username ?
> I am running Samba 3.0.10 on RHEL 4.

Suggest you update to 3.0.14a (current stable) or 3.0.15pre3 (current SVN)
as I believe we made a few changes in this code. If I am not mistaken all user 
names are now returned in lower case. Domain names remain in uppercase as I 

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