[Samba] MS Desktop and MyDocuments in /home?

Thomas Widhalm newsjester at yahoo.de
Wed May 18 10:46:36 GMT 2005


Im rather new to Samba, so please excuse me, if I'm asking something

Im using Samba in my Home- Lan as PDC for WinXP Prof Clients whith
roaming profiles. Since all clients in the LAN are Dualboot WinXP/ SuSE
9.2, I would like an easy way of accessing my files the same way when I
use Windows or Linux. Therefore I moved the users "Desktop" and
"MyDocuments" Folders in a offline- available share with path /home on
the Samba Server. MyDocuments resolves to Documents and Desktop to
Desktop. So when I mount the serves /home- directory to my Linux boxes,
I have the same files in my Home Directory and on my Desktop.

Now my question. Is there any reason, not to do so? During my studies, I
often read, one shouldn't put MyDocuments in the the [home] share, but
what if I share the whole directory? and do these 2 shares interfere? As
far as I know, [home] is needed, when setting up a Samba Server.

I'm using this setup right now and didn't encounter any problems, but it
would be nice to know, if there will be any in the future.

Thanks for your answers.


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