[Samba] net command replacements for smbldap-tools

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Tue May 17 14:57:15 GMT 2005

tir, 17.05.2005 kl. 09.18 skrev Jim C.:

> I sure would like to see a series of net commands that could replace
> smbldap-tools. Wouldn't this be more appropriate for administration?

Why, in particular, would you want to?

Why in particular do you want to see "net" commands? What's with the
other Samba utils, such as smbclient, rpcclient, smbpasswd, etc., etc.?

They're all bleeding brilliant utilities. I use them all in shell script
(and awk, and sed). These and the OpenLDAP tools) are my particular glue
to stick them together. Others use Perl, Python, whatever.

If you want to look at shell scripting genius, look at

shell scripts are not just learned by heart.  They're also from looking
at and thinking: "bejase, how'd he ever come to think of that?", working
it out and giving "him" the laurels for this time. Next time, you know
it and someone else takes the laurels over. Between times, you're the

Summa summaraum:

-- The Samba tools (not just "net")  are brilliant and work perfectly;
-- They need glue to stick them together.


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