[Samba] Domain Users group howto...

Vincent Yonemitsu yonemitsuv at bpl.on.ca
Mon May 16 18:43:34 GMT 2005

I have setup samba 3 as a PDC for a set of computers that previously had
Domain Users setup to run as local admins under XP, so that anyone that
has logged into the domain has local admin access. Whats the best way to
replicate this setup so that I don't have to go around to each computer
and change the local security policy?

Is there a way to assign users to the group domain users?
or would i just do something like
net groupmap modify ntgroup="Domain Admins" unixgroup=smbusers

and make everyone an user in smbusers?

Vincent Yonemitsu
Information Technology Services
(905)639-3611 ext 153
yonemitsuv at bpl.on.ca

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