[Samba] Question about ACL.

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Mon May 16 15:12:30 GMT 2005

man, 16.05.2005 kl. 16.55 skrev Meli Marco:

> Hi, I running samba-3.0.13-1 connect to W2k3, attr-2.4.19 and acl-2.2.27-1.

What's "attr-2.4.19"? What's "acl-2.2.27-1"? Would they by any chance be
rpm library versions?  What's the OS and distro? Looks as if it might be
late Red Hat. Then again, it might not.

> I've a strange problem with ACL settings, following the data structure.I
> would that user1 could read/write only his personal folder, user1 belongs to
> domain users and can reach the user folder but he can't see his personal
> folder. I have tried to run setfacl -b (remove all ACL entries) and setup
> them again, format the data partition with mkfs xfs ... an mounted it again
> but it doesn't works, I have a twin pc installed and on this it works fine.
> But the strange matter, is if I connect to the data share and reach the user
> folder with smbclient //smbserver/data -Uuser1%*** , I can see the user1
> personal folder and it works I expected. Why it works with smbclient but not
> with Winodws client?

Possibly because Samba doesn't have ACL support compiled in? Where did
your Samba package(s) come from? Were they srpms? How did you install?

>  And what can I do to found the problem? 
> /data [domain users r-x]
> 	 /user [domain users r-x]
> 		 /user1 [user1 rwx] 

This doesn't look like ACL stuff to me.


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