[Samba] Horrendously slow transfer speeds in FC3 is driving me crazy!!! Please help...

AragonX aragonx at dcsnow.com
Mon May 16 14:28:53 GMT 2005

<quote who="Peter Szmrecsanyi">
> I have a 100Mbps network, which can yeild a maximum tranfer rate of 12
> MB/s, if you take the TCP/IP subsystem overhead into account you'll
> realise that more than 11 MB/s is bearing on the impossible. Using both
> the desktop and the laptop I got nearlly 11 MB/s, one was 10,11 the
> other was 10,72. Using FTP I got 9,96 and 9,69. With the proliant I get
> a max of 1.6 MB/s, the same as I get with my IBM machine (acting as a
> firewal/gateway) which has RedHat 7.2...

Wow, 1.5mb/sec vs 10mb/sec.  That's a big difference.  I doubt a network
card would fix the issue.  If you have been watching Top and your HI and
LO CPU states haven't been high (> 40%), then I don't think you are having
an issue getting information to/from the NIC.

You know what, I think I have a Compaq machine somethwere with a Pentium
Pro 200mhz CPU in it.  It's not the same machine as what you have but it
might be worth me setting it up and running some tests.  Tonight I'll run
down to my storage and see what I have.

Have you verified all your BIOS settings?  I know you have checked this
but I was limited to 1.5mb/sec when I was having DMA issues.

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