[Samba] permissions not transferred using robocopy, xxcopy, net share migrate shares

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Sun May 15 09:19:57 GMT 2005

John H Terpstra wrote:

> Thanks for the feedback. I will make sure that some of the information in your 
> email gets into the documentation. The implementation and use of ACLs with 
> UNIX/Linux is very complex. The OS, the file system, the implementation of 
> the file system, and the compilation of Samba, must all support ACLs.
> As you explore the use of ACLs it becomes apparent that many smb.conf 
> parameters can affect the behavior of ACLs. For example, the default create 
> mask can really mess things up on some systems.
> I am working to complete the second edition of the HOWTO this week-end. Your 
> input is timely. Thanks.

Maybe worth the effort to look at "star" as ACL backup utility. That's 
according to the Red Hat POSIX ACL documentation (System 
Administration).I haven't tried it yet, but will be doing so shortly.



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