[Samba] New ADS infrastructure with winbind - Which is the best ID-mapping: IDMAP_RID or IDMAP LDAP with ADS + SFU schema ?

Doug VanLeuven roamdad at sonic.net
Fri May 13 02:46:15 GMT 2005

Steffen Kolbe wrote:

> A question for the best winbind SID-UID/GID mapping in our situation:
> I'm building a new infrastructure with Windows 2003SP1 ADS 
> Domaincontrollers and some Debian Servers (File: Samba+NFS; Mail; Web; 
> ....) and varios XP and Debian Clients.
> After reading Chapter 12. (Identity Mapping) in the Samba-HOWTO is 
> IDMAP_RID in couple with winbind an easy way to solve the problem with 
> syncr. SID-UID/GID's on all Linux machines.
> Why should I use the "hard way" with the MS SFU 3.5 Schema extensions, 
> PADL and so on - when IDMAP_RID seems to be so easy?
> Can anybody tell me something about the "deeper backgrounds" and which 
> of both ist the best solution for us?

If you have an existing base of unix uid/gid accounts to maintain, 
consider the mapping capabilities of SFU 3.5 and padl idmap_ad.
If there is no existing base of unix uid/gid accounts, consider IDMAP_RID.

Regards, Doug

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