[Samba] excessive TCP retransmissions with samba 3.0, slow file opening

AragonX aragonx at dcsnow.com
Thu May 12 20:02:00 GMT 2005

<quote who="Jeremy Anderson">
> Hello all!
> I've got a Fedora Core 3 box running Samba 3.0.8.
> It serves a variety of roles, including mail server and samba server.
> The mail server is quite fast, but the smb server generates lots and lots
> of TCP retransmissions (as seen in ethereal).  The general consensus is
> that this is new in the last few weeks.  One user has been reporting speed
> problems for some time, but no metrics were ever gathered.


I have a similar problem at one of my clients.  The problem is mainly with
a piece of software called Proseries (by Intuit).  The software takes 3-5
minutes to open on two of the machines on the network.  one of them is
brand new.  The third machine has no problem at all.  It's not the oldest
either.  Go figure.  I'll replace the hub and see if that helps.

If you get a solution, please let me know.

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