[Samba] excessive TCP retransmissions with samba 3.0, slow file opening

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Thu May 12 12:39:15 GMT 2005

>I've tried replacing the NIC, but the problem follows.  This is a small network, with two 100mbit hubs, and windows 2000 on all the clients.
Hubs? HUBS? I hope you meant switches. If not, go buy some switches.

>I want to suspect hardware, but flood pings from a linux box put on the network never report dropped packets.  
Then go back to hardware.  Unless you've got firewalls or something in
the mix that's probably where your traffic is going.  Watch the
collision lights on your hubs and see if they go nuts when the problem

>I'm absolutely stumped.  I don't see the retransmissions with anything on the network except SMB-related TCP traffic.  
SMB is pretty chatty as far as protocols go.

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