[Samba] inter domain trust - another network

Victor Medina linux at epa.com.ve
Wed May 11 20:29:52 GMT 2005

Paul Gienger wrote:
>> But when a try to stablish the relationship, it simply cannot find the
>> PDC or the other domain, when issuing the command:
>> net rpc trustdom establish OTHERDOMAIN
>> Samba quits saying it can't find the other domain PDC, so i supposed it
>> is a wins problem.
> Do you run a seperate wins server on each domain/subnet?  You may want
> to try a master server setup with all clients referring to it.
YEAP, i run wins servers in both ends. The problem using ONLY one wins
is that some of the others server will be in very distant location and
the communication will be done through a vpn so browsing will be VERY slow.

any other suggestion? :)

Best Regards


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