[Samba] Re: roaming profiles problem for new users

Jon Wilson jon at phuq.co.uk
Tue May 10 21:47:36 GMT 2005

Eric Hines wrote:

> This isn't entirely fair.  There are three kinds of newbies [....]  
> The third kind has read the docs and still has a problem, else they 
> wouldn't be on the mailing list looking for help.   

I don't think the word "newbie" applies, sorry guys. I've been using 
unix since about 1991 and Samba since the early 2.x releases. I believe 
I had a geniune problem, and is now solved.

My "logon path" setting was quoted, and thus broken. OK, the docs now 
say NOT to do this, but the quoted setting worked fine on the previous 
(FreeBSD) installation. Should I be expected to trawl through every 
documentation change related to every possible explanation of my 
problem? I think not. I asked on the list, got some example configs 
which were known to work, and compared them closely. Problem solved. 
Thank you.

What the docs do not say is that "logon path" seems to be used only in 
the creation of new profiles. Existing users have their profile path 
configured in the tdb database, and so thinks worked fine for them. 
Someone with a clearer understanding of the internals may wish to submit 
some documentation on how all this is meant to work.


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