[Samba] Samba BDC in the same subnet not gettingconnection requests

Prakash Velayutham Prakash.Velayutham at cchmc.org
Tue May 10 16:32:41 GMT 2005

>>> Ian Clancy <clancyian at cel.ie> 05/10/05 11:45 AM >>>
Prakash Velayutham wrote:

>>>>Ian Clancy <clancyian at cel.ie> 05/10/05 9:33 AM >>>
>Prakash Velayutham wrote:
>>Sorry for posting again. I would really appreciate any help with this.
>>I have a Samba 3 PDC running with around 20 Windows XP/2K clients. The
>>PDC and clients are in different subnets. Rrecently I decided to add
>>a Samba 3 BDC in the same subnet as the clients, to give some failover
>>and also to reduce across-switch traffic.
>>After creating the BDC, I restarted one of the clients but don't see
>>establishing connection with the BDC, instead it connects as before
>>the PDC. How can I make a BDC effective in this case?
>Hi Prakash,
>Some questions before we can help.
>When you start the BDC what kind of output do you get in
>/var/log/messages ?
>Is your BDC registering itself as a logon server ?.
>In your smb.conf what is your log level setting ?.
>Is your WINS Server configured correctly and are your clients
>to use it ?.
>What does 'nmblookup -S YOURBDC' return ?
>Hi Ian,
>What log level do you want me to set in smb.conf before getting the
>output of /var/log/samba/* (I think you meant this when you said
>/var/log/messages, as I do not get anything in /var/log/messages when I
>restart smb and nmb daemons). With log level at 3, here is the output
>[2005/05/10 10:03:13, 3] smbd/server.c:exit_server(614)
>  Server exit (Caught TERM signal)
>[2005/05/10 10:03:16, 0] nmbd/nmbd.c:terminate(54)
>  Got SIGTERM: going down...
>[2005/05/10 10:03:16, 3]
>  send_local_master_announcement: type 0 for name FRONTIER on subnet
> for workgroup CMC-NT


 entry CMCCLIENT1 of type
>40011003 () on workgroup CMC-NT.
>[2005/05/10 10:03:52, 3]
>Yes, my BDC has "domain logons = yes" and "domain master = no" set.
>Currently I have set the log level to 10.
>I have no control over the WINS server, but my clients are looking at
>the WINS server correctly. What exactly do I need to look at in the
>server configuration?
>nmblookup -S frontier from a different Linux box in the same subnet as
>the BDC returns (frontier is the BDC)
>(I temporarily set log level to 3 here)
>querying frontier on
> frontier<00>
>Looking up status of
>        FRONTIER        <00> -         H <ACTIVE>
>        FRONTIER        <03> -         H <ACTIVE>
>        FRONTIER        <20> -         H <ACTIVE>
>        ..__MSBROWSE__. <01> - <GROUP> H <ACTIVE>
>        CMC-NT          <00> - <GROUP> H <ACTIVE>
>        CMC-NT          <1c> - <GROUP> H <ACTIVE>
>        CMC-NT          <1d> -         H <ACTIVE>
>        CMC-NT          <1e> - <GROUP> H <ACTIVE>
>        MAC Address = 00-00-00-00-00-00
>Thanks for the help,

Hi Prakash,
This looks ok. the line below means that your BDC is registering itself 
as a Domain controller

        CMC-NT          <1c> - <GROUP> H <ACTIVE>

You can query the wins server directly using the 'U' flag in nmblookup. 

See the nmblookup man page for more details. For your domain try 
something like this :
 nmblookup -U <your wins server> -R CMC-NT#1c

This will query the wins server for a list of Domain Controllers.

You could also try hardcoding which logon server to use into lmhosts on 
the clients but i'm not quite sure how you would go about this.

Ian Clancy

Hi Ian,

Thanks. I realized that all along my clients were using the BDC for
domain logons but there was something wrong with the way they log
messages as the log messages did not arrive in the specified files.
Fortunately or unfortunately I was playing around with the Slave LDAP
server that the BDC connects to and I noticed that one of the Samba
clients did not let a user login saying the DC was down or something
like that. That made me realize that the client was connecting to the
BDC but due to LDAP connection failure, it was not proceeding further.
Your pointers in the direction of nmblookup proved it further as the
WINS server returns the following result:
nmblookup -U -R "CMC-NT#1C"
querying CMC-NT on CMC-NT<1c> CMC-NT<1c> CMC-NT<1c> CMC-NT<1c>

Here is my BDC. I am happy now. Now even the logging is
working fine.

Hope this thread helps someone in distress over the same issue. I have
one last quick question. I know this has been answered in the Samba-3
HOWTO, just reconfirming.
I will need to replicate the folders for the different services (like
netlogon, profiles etc.) onto the BDC manually correct? And what should
be the way I indicate the logon server from inside smb.conf. Is it %L?


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