[Samba] Does or doesn't vampiring users add them into multiple groups at the same time?

Geoff Scott geoffs at guestshire.com
Tue May 10 07:33:59 GMT 2005

Hi all,

The new NT migration chapter of Samba guide seems to indicate in the
migration Log Validation (section that users get added to all the
same groups that they were in under the NT4 domain.  However I am not seeing
this despite having had a seemingly successful migration. All my users get
added into the Domain User group but not into any other group.  Is the text
below now wrong or right????


7. Q: After merging multiple NT4 Domains into a Samba-3 Domain, I lost all
multiple group
mappings. Why?
A: Samba-3 currently does not implement multiple group membership
internally. If you
use the Windows NT4 Domain User Manager to manage accounts and you have an
backend, the multiple group membership is stored in the Posix groups area.
If you use
either tdbsam or smbpasswd backend, then multiple group membership is
handled through
the UNIX groups file. When you dump the user accounts no group account
is provided. When you edit (change) UIDs and GIDs in each file to which you
the NT4 Domain data, do not forget to edit the UNIX /etc/passwd and
information also. That is where the multiple group information is most
closely at your


Regards Geoff Scott

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