[Samba] Printer sleep mode problem

Eric Hines eehines at comcast.net
Tue May 10 02:42:14 GMT 2005

This wouldn't necessarily be a Samba problem.  If it's a pure printer 
problem and not how Samba handles wake up calls, you might do better at 
http://www.linuxprinting.org/forums.cgi .  I'd recommend, in particular, 
the linuxprinting.general or the linuxprinting.samsung.general mailing 
lists.  I've always gotten good help there with my print problems.


At 05/09/05 21:33, you wrote:

>Dear group,
>I have a Samsung ML-1740 laser printer connected to an OpenBSD 3.5 server 
>using a USB connection. The printer is accessed from
>Windows PCs through Samba 3.0.14a and CUPS (using raw printer driver).
>The problem I am having is that after my printer goes into power save mode 
>(a desired feature, I only print 2-3 times a week) I
>always have to send two print jobs; one to "wake" up the printer and then 
>the "real" print job.
>This might be an issue with CUPS or the printer itself, but I was hoping 
>someone on this list have seen a similar problem. Any
>Tor Tovsland
>Mitchell, SD, USA
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