AW: [Samba] REPOST No 3 - Browsing Problem on Samba 3.0.14 PLEASE HELP!!!

Doug VanLeuven roamdad at
Mon May 9 23:10:44 GMT 2005

Christoph Herdeg wrote:

>Today I upgraded VMware to 5.0, just to give it a try. The result let me at
>least recognize that my problem has something to do with VMware: Now I can
>no longer access folders three layers deep. I authenticate against and
>connect to the share, open a windows-explorer and click on the mapped drive.
>I can see the share's contents, but any click anywhere on it makes the
>explorer stall for 'bout 1-5 minutes (different). I get the same error-msg
>as before the VMware-upgrade.
What vmware ethernet virtual device are you using?  It's in the 
VM/settings under network adapter.  You get to choose vmxnet or vlance.  
vmxnet is the newest, fancy, fastest, lastest, greatest, but I still use 
vlance because it seemed to be more compatible.

It's not samba.  But it might be an issue between the virtual adapter 
and the underlying host OS.

Regards, Doug

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