[Samba] 3.0.14 and MacOs X (tiger)

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Mon May 9 16:07:02 GMT 2005

When I upgraded to Tiger just the other day, my network settings showed 
that the Windows service was shut off.  I think Tiger resets some of 
those things (all of those things?) to defaults.  Now, I think this only 
applies to shares the Mac is serving, but it may also apply to accessing 
Windows shares.

Go to System Preferences -> Sharing, and poke around in there.  I forget 
exactly where the setting is, and I'm not in front of my Mac at the 
moment, but find the Windows service in there, and turn it on (it might 
also be under Firewall -- the default is to deny the protocol, so that 
would also kill Mac access to Windows shares).


Roland Carlsson wrote:

>I upgraded our sambainstallation today since it got into problems with
>Windows ADS 2003. 
>So I installed all suse rmps for 9.2 (samba 3.0.14) and tested with a few
>windows boxes and everything works perfektly. No more strange errormessages
>in the logs about not finding existing users.
>Now to the problem, when I came back to my own computer, MacOs X 10.4, i
>suddenly can't use any samba-shares.  It even freeze finder when trying  to
>connect. As far as I can se there is not mention of any problem is log.smbd
>or log.winbindd.
>Any ideas of what would cause this problem?
>Thanks in advance
>Roland Carlsson

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