[Samba] XP SP2 - winlogon.exe crashes

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Mon May 9 07:28:44 GMT 2005

tor, 05.02.2004 kl. 22.39 skrev Sol Tutaki:

> im having this problem aswell. 
> i'm running the same version of samba on a fedora core 2 package.
> my users can't log into the domain because they recieve the same error.
> so they have to log into the computer.
> I've tried scandisk and that returned nothing.
> i've refreshed the contents of the hard drive from a backup.
> i've used pc bug doctor to try and find and fix the problem and it couldn't.
> i've even tried to repair my windows installation.
> today i'm going to reformat and then reinstall windows. installing windows to a different directory hoping to negate the "the memory could not be "read"" winlogon.exe error

You might like to fix the date on the PC you used to send this message.
You might like to answer within the thread itself (follow the thread)
and any other mailer than Outlook Express might make that easier ;)


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