[Samba] XP SP2 - winlogon.exe crashes

Geoff Scott geoffs at guestshire.com
Mon May 9 04:48:44 GMT 2005

Sol Tutaki wrote:

> i've even tried to repair my windows installation.
> today i'm going to reformat and then reinstall windows. installing
> windows to a different directory hoping to negate the "the memory
> could not be "read"" winlogon.exe error  

Hope This Helps, but the last time I had something like this on a box when
logging on was to do with the users details in ldap having invalid info.
Like the logon drive having 2 colons in ldap eg, H:: or having set the logon
home to \\%L\%U\Documents and then not having  the Documents Dir set up in
the homedir etc etc.   Do an ldapsearch for the particular user that is
crashing and look at the attributes that are part of that user.  I bet
you'll find it's a problem with your users entry in ldap, not a problem with

Regards Geoff Scott

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