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Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Mon May 9 07:18:48 GMT 2005

man, 09.05.2005 kl. 02.20 skrev taso:

> > - That every single instance of Windows point-'n-click is reviewed. Many
> > of the step-wise instructions are simply not valid. At least, they
> > aren't for my XP Pro ws;
> My suggestion is to use audio & video clips to document procedures
> involving a GUI. It is truly painful documenting GUI dynamics on
> printed media. I think it's time we added another string to our
> documentation fiddle.

This would make any documentation a PITA. Proggies would have to be
available for multiple OSs, download sizes would swell to the
unmanageable, etc.

I don't agree that documenting point 'n click on printed media is
painful. It's just that tabs and buttons have to exist in the places
that the documenter says that they do, and carry out the actions that he
says. As far as the Samba docs go, they're fine in html and pdf as they


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