[Samba] Re: Use Samba as drop-in replacement for NFS

Robert Kelly robert.kelly at ebimed.com
Fri May 6 21:56:29 GMT 2005

Robert Kelly wrote:

> I don't think so in the way you're thinking.
> Mounting any share through smbfs or cifs has to be done as a certain
> user. That user is used for the cifs session. Any file or directory
> operation is done as that user.
> pam_mount may help you out here for home directories or mounts in ~/mnt,
> but not for a common mount point on a multiuser system.
> http://www.flyn.org/projects/pam_mount
OK, I could be wrong.
Look at the installation link at: http://linux-cifs.samba.org/
Check out the MultiuserMount flag in /proc/fs/cifs/


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